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Signage is perhaps one of the most useful tools of modern marketing. It has been used for many centuries and only the diversity within this branch has continued to expand. Every installation that’s high above the ground requires a very careful approach. This is why pylon sign manufacturers have to implement only safe methods of production. We, at Apex Sign Company, know exactly how important it is to get a sign right and install it properly.

There is no right or wrong design. We simply try to create a sign that would accurately represent your brand and your vision. By cooperating tightly with our customers, we ensure that everything goes according to the initial plan, and the necessary improvements are introduced when needed.

Every business is exceptional and we do our best to distinguish your pylon sign from everything that already exists. This is not a simple task, but it does guarantee great results with new customers. People are craving for new and interesting banners. A good pylon design is necessary to attract new potential clients.

We basically start all the work from scratch. We design, develop and install signs of all types. For pylon signs, it is incredibly crucial to complete the installation in a proper manner. All the safety rules and regulations have to be respected and followed closely. If your business is located in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas, then give us a call and we will offer you a free consultation.

By choosing to collaborate with us, you will receive the following benefits:

We have a big number of finished projects. Even though we make sure that everything works perfectly, there is still maintenance needed for a variety of outdoor signs. Factors like weather and any unexpected incidents sometimes play a huge role. We do offer maintenance services if these are requested.

Tall constructions have to be administered only by experienced teams. We will keep your advertisement perform its main purpose – to attract new clients. Even if you don’t have a clear vision for your perfect pylon sign, together with our designers, you will be capable of identifying the best solution.


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