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ADA Signs

There have been special signs invented that would fit the requirements for people with disabilities. Certain standards have to be respected, but this doesn’t mean that there’s no room for fresh ideas regarding the design and overall execution. At Apex Sign Company, we know how to create the best ADA signs that fit all the regulations.

The signage industry has been in a constant state of development, and it would be difficult to imagine a world with no banners, signs or advertisement. Without ADA signs, life would be much more difficult. They are literally being used at every airport, restaurant, cinema, office building, commercial center, parking lot, grocery store, hospital, bank, and many other places, both indoors and outdoors. Their reliability depends on many factors. The first one is the execution, the second one is the materials used during production, and the third one is accurate installation

At the same time, we know that quality matters in the creation of each and every sign. The choice of materials and the overall style is largely dictated by our clients. We design, produce and install signs of any size, type, and purpose. If you find it difficult to identify the exact ADA sign requirement for your project, our team of skilled experts will do it for you. After an initial consultation, we will get a clear picture of your vision.

We provide restroom signs, handicap parking signs, custom signs, and much more. Our collaboration is guaranteed to be mutually beneficial. You will receive:

Search no more. With have a lot of experience with signs of various types and purposes. You can check the list of our successfully completed projects on the official website. Contact us to find out more about the process of production and the possibility to extend the deal and get additional maintenance services.

If you need ADA signs in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, then you have come to the right place. We make sure to exclude any possibilities for delays because we double-check every stage of production. We understand perfectly the meaning and place of ASA signs in modern society. You need a responsible approach and we’re able to guarantee it.


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